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This year is the bicentenary for Hobart, Tasmania. Many of the early convicts who arrived in 1803 - 1804 finally settled in Sorell / Pittwater area as farmers and settlers.  As a practical historical activity during this year, some students at Sorell School will be looking into the lives of these early convict settlers. 

But first, we need to know who these convicts were.  So if you had a convict in your family tree who was in Van Diemens Land in the early 1800's please check their conduct record and see if the names of any of the following land owners appear.

Sorell District Macquarie Land Grants1813

Robert Alloms or Allomes, Charles Anthony, William Baxter, Jacob Billett or Bellette, John or James Birchall, Richard Buckingham, James Davies, Frederick Dawes, J. Duncombe, William Fenner, Arnold Fisk, Mary Fogacty, Silas Gatehouse, James Grimes, William Hambly, James Hannaway, Jane Hobbs, William Hopley, Jane Horton (Gill), A.W.H.Humphrey (Adolarius), John Ingle, Charles Jeffries, Thomas Kent, John Knox, Alexander Laing, I.Larsome, John Liddle, David Lord, Edward Lord, R. W. Loane, William McDowall, John Miles, George Morrisby, Robert Nash, Thomas Pennington, J. Prestage, Bartholomew Reardon, Walter Redpath, Mary Richardson, Thomas Riley, S. Sederick, Samuel Sudrick , James Turnbull, John Wade , M. Wicks, Charles Willis, J. Wilson, William Wilson, W. Wood, Thomas Richardson?? Thomas Solly? Golly?


By 1824, these people had land grants in the following districts:

G - Gloucester - Sorell, Pawleena and surrounds

H - Harrington - Midway Point, Orielton

P - Pitt - Pittwater

S - Sussex - Forcett, Dodges Ferry and surrounds

Robert Allums (G), Nathaniel Ayres (S), William Baxter (G), Jacob Billett (G), John Birchall (G), Thomas Bowden (S), Mr Buckingham (G), Riley Buckingham (S), Mr Burchall (G), Mr Champion (P), Mr Clark (S), Richard Coleman (H), Walter Colquhoun (S), Mr Crowder (S), James Davis (G), John Duncombe (G), Arnold Fish (Fisk) (G), Mr Fogherty (G), Mr Gatehouse (G), Mary Geils (S), James Gordon (S), Government (G), Mr Gregory (G), William Hambly jun and sen (G), James Hannaway (S), John Hatcher (H), Jane Hobbs (S), Rachael Hoddy (S), John Hulan (S), A.W.H. Humphrey (G), John Ingle (H), Lieut Charles Jeffries (H), William Jenner (G), Mr Kelly (P), James Kelly (P), Thomas Kent (G), Thomas Allen Lacelles (S), John Lakeland (S), Roland W Loane (G), Richard Loisonce (G), James Lord (H), Mr D Lord (H), Mr E Lord (G), Mr Martin (H), Horatio William Mason (H), James Mayberry (H), Peter Mills (G), George Morrisby (G), Robert Nash (G), Joseph Pendill (S), Thomas Pennington (G), Thomas Prestage (G), William Rayner(or) jun and sen (S), George Raynor (S), Bartholomew Reardon (G/S), Walter Redpath (G), Mr Redpath (S), Isabella Riley (S), Mr Riley (G), Thomas Riley sen and jun (S), Mr Roberts (P), Mr Scott (S), Samuel Sedrick (G), William Shirley (S), Ann Shuttleworth (S), Mr Smith (S), Mr Steel (S), John Palmer Stone (H), John Tapley (S), Mr Waddel (Alex Stewart Waddle) (S), John Wade (G), John Welch (S), Samuel Westlake (S), Charles Willis (G), Mr Wilson (G), William Woolley (S), Allan Young (S), Dr Henry St John Younge (H)

Convicts we already know about and the ship they arrived in can be found here.

Ticket of Leave men in Sorell district between 1841 and 1858.  This will be an ongoing project and will finally be included in a database about convicts in Sorell.